Beautiful words of gratitude

from clients & colleagues

You dashed into my life like a female Xena princess warrior on a white magical horse.

“You helped me believe I could receive nice things and that I had a purpose worth finding. You taught me it was safe to laugh and enjoy life without fear of judgment and abandonment. You made the world full of possibility and dreams again.”

Opal Cassidy

Creative Writer & Movement Mentor

Heather Falter

Massage Therapist

She knows her stuff & is passionate about helping humans through all her work!

Mystral gave me the most intuitive massage I’ve ever had! She is versed in listening to each person’s body and takes her time to address each need. Her hands were just firm enough and yet tender when needed. Not only did Mystral work out a lot of the tension I hold in my neck and sacrum, she also allowed me the space to relax.

As a postpartum mom, I’d particularly recommend Mystral as she holds a special space in her practice for the bodies of women.

On a separate occasion, Mystral sent distance Reiki to my daughter and me after we had been ill for several days. We debriefed after a much-needed nap following the reiki session and everything Mystral addressed felt on point.

Overall, Mystral is a professional who not only knows her stuff, she’s passionate about helping humans through all of her work and is invested in the well-being of her clients. I’d recommend her to anybody!

Lindsay Dyer

stay-at-home mom of two

Mystral has a true attunement to the body and soul. A single session with her is a gift!

"I have been so lucky to work with Mystral on several occasions with each of her different modalities... Just pausing to say how cool is it that she has so many ways to offer help! Right? She is so knowledgeable and passionate about keeping up on different ways to heal.

I have been in a few car accidents and at first, Mystral helped my neck and back through massage.

When I had a lot of life stressors and through the pandemic, she supported me with reiki over the phone, after which I added more yellow and sunflowers into my life and my blocked feelings began to shift.

Mystral has a true attunement to the body and soul. A single session with her is a gift!

Finally, she led a hypnotherapy session, in which we addressed enjoying driving again. I did not notice it right off the bat, but one day I found myself singing and driving to work when I smiled and realized I enjoyed my morning commute again.

Mystral has a true attunement to the body and soul. She is also a generous spirit that produces a contagious sense of well-being, a session with her is a gift!"

Vanessa Lunny

Licensed Professional Counselor

Kim lauren

Life Coach

I absolutely could not recommend her hI absolutely could not recommend her highly enough!!

Last summer, I had tightness in my hip so severe I could barely walk. Mystral worked on me for a couple of hours and got me back on my feet again. She works more intuitively with the body than other massage therapists I've seen - using touch to pinpoint issues and work on solutions rather than just manage pain. She showed me a new way to look at my own muscles and how I use them which helps me on a daily basis. I absolutely could not recommend her highly enough!!

Anna trumbo

Head of Customer Success, DigitBridge

We went down this rabbit hole together and now I feel so light and have completely changed my life.

“Mystral is very thorough, she has compassion and heart in everything she does and how she handles every situation. I felt very comfortable opening up with her. It felt like we went down this rabbit hole together. Nothing better than having someone by your side while dealing with a lifetime’s worth of issues.

By the end, I felt so light and have now completely changed my life. I know if anything comes up in the future, she’ll be there for me. If you get the chance to work with Mystral you will be in the best caring hands you could ask for.”

Michele Popp

Massage Therapist & Life CoacH

Mystral is a wealth of knowledge.

She intuitively knows just what to do.

I can't recommend her enough.


Elementary school teacher

What a force you are!!!

I so enjoyed working with you today.

You are wise beyond your years & are incredibly talented!

You are going to do BIG ASS things! I can’t wait to watch your growth!

Marcy bowman

Massage Therapist & Body Coach

Mystral is truly a sweet soul!

She’s quite knowledgeable and has a special touch.

I’m thoroughly impressed and have recommended her to quite a few.

Brittany leigh

INDIGENOUS Tarot reader, Seer & Playboy Bunny

Girrrrrl! You are amazing!

You are such a bright, calming healing soul and I really loved working with you! Thanks for listening to me.

Love & appreciate you!

Emily ross

Massage therapist

She was completely in tune with what I needed right away

Mystral gave me the best massage I have ever had. She was completely in tune with what I needed right away, and soon after my first appointment, she became my go-to! I couldn’t recommend her enough. Everyone must experience her magic.

Lily Fisk

social media manager

She knows EXACTLY how to pinpoint issues of tension and imbalance.

Mystral Echavarria is one of the most talented and knowledgeable healers I have ever met.

Every time she has worked on me I felt immediate and lasting relief. She knows EXACTLY how to pinpoint issues of tension and imbalance. Her multi-modality approach is extremely thorough. I could not recommend her amazing skills more!

Michelle prentiss

Astrologer, adept, wise woman, author, podcaster

This was outstanding!

The hypnosis piece was customized to my needs and

exactly tapped into helping me with my specific situation.

After, I was left feeling confident and calm.

doreen attard

Accountant & private yoga instructor

I love how you are a strong & steady force.

Thank you for showing up fully.


Holistic health coach

how can I best support you?

How can I support you?

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